Just Another Day ....And Another Looklet

So I don't know about you, but how fab is LOOKLET, it's like being a girl again and dressing up your cupboard girl and dreaming that one day you would be a fashion designer ....anyway if you have not heard of it check it out. I found it after seeing it on a few peeps blogs.Today's LOOKLET outfit. As you know I am a huge Miss MK Olsen fan and as I said I am now a huge LOOKLET addict. I love it because you can make outfit's that maybe you could not wear or could not afford, but still express your style. Anyway let me know what you think ........

 My take on MK's style, Oh thank god for LOOKLET. IMAGES: mine :P well and looklet's.

Have a great weekend and I will post a nice long one tomorrow x


  1. I like the outfit. It's very chic.

  2. Wow lovely!! I'm on looklet too, my user name is Debrah (France).


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