My First Ever Vlog

So as I bored and ill I did you guys a video, I wanted to do one ages ago but I just get stuck as to what to show you. I have so much I want to show, that the video's would not upload and plus my son is teething hard at the moment and driving me mad  bless him. So I hope you enjoy this one, if you would like more video's let me know because I would love to do them. Hope you are all well, and enjoying the start of the week, BTW the sun has gone in London and it's rubbish. If you have any questions about anything, than just let me know ;P


  1. first off, this was a brilliant idea! i loved it, and the cheeky mention. i think you're defo on to something here, you must to 1 a week!

    i will get that book, wonderland on my amazon wish list straight away. i've not done a blog post for a wee while, we had tilly put down a couple of days ago so i've not really had time to think of a blog.

    you should so do a show and tell each week, i would but i have a naff blackpool accent, yours is nice. trying to work out where your from. maybe near nottingham?

  2. Oh Matt so sorry to hear about Tilly. I hope you are all okay :(
    I lose my dog a year ago and it is like losing part of the family :(

    Yeah get wonderland such a great book. Thank you for te feedback and I am going to try and do one a week. I had seen some good vlog's I wanted to try it. Anyway I hope you are feeling better soon and I'm from London :P

  3. Hey missy! your eye colour is ammmmmmmazing stop making me feel jealous in this entire video. oh my goodness i havent been on blogger for a while i feel so guilty not replying to your comments you've left and wowwwwww youve changed your blog completely since i last visited, it looks absolutely magnificent! on nom at the jelly beans, i'm a sucker for anything sweet. loving all your jewels, what ring size are you by the way? im thinking of sending you a few bits and bobs soon!! (if thats ok) just mail me your address via hotmail my email is

    ps. your take on the leopard print nails is great! anyway ill now read all the posts ive missed out on in the past few weeks! take care and i'll look forward to hearing from you soon! xx

  4. Love, EVERYTHING !!!
    Is that dress still at River Island? Where is the necklace you have on from? I will have to watch it again.

  5. Is that necklace H&M or Topshop?

  6. I love videos.I hope to start doing sth with that brilliant idea which captures photography-sound-music. Good good good stuff.

    Thank you SOOOOOOOOO much for your recent comments. They are HIGHLY appreciated. I will come back to fashion soon, so i hope you will enjoy it and....let it inspire you, me...everybody :))

    I hope your Baby is feeling okay.

    Lots of love,
    fashion abuse

  7. Can't watch vids at work, but I love that ring!!!

  8. You have great eyes. More missy!
    I want your dress, and your necklace and well everything else you wear. The heart jeans you wore in that other post are just so cool. We don't have anything like that here, its so rubbish.


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