River Island Lover ..........

Here are some posts I heart from the style insiders at River Island, I know I am always on about R.I but I just love the new vibe to the place. Their price points are great, they are young and fresh but make clothing that you don't have to be size zero to wear. Plus their blog is pretty damn cool too. I heart R.I and you should too.

Do you have a store you just love ? Do they have a blog? Why not share your's ...........


  1. Hey lovely! i knowwwww i feel so guilty but ive just quickly done a new post and hopefully i can post more regularly and be just as good as you ;) seriously, no need to return the favour and send me anything back i just wanted to send you a little gift thats all!

    your wrinkles? pft do be serious! i dont see no wrinkles at all but your vlog did make me laugh, i hope your son isnt being a little rascal. you really should do some make up posts aswell because your make up is crazycooooooool ALWAYS. im really starting to like river island now, they are really upping their game these days oh and i forget to mention your dress in your vlog is gorgeousssssss i need it! xx

  2. I am overly obsessed with everything Rag + Bone.
    Haven't heard of River Island, will have to check them out.


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