Shoes For A Quid

Tee: ASOS.COM £5 ...I think.Dress: EBay
Necklace: Primark £1:00
Shoes: EBay ...£1:49 !!! oH YEAH !!!

I got these shoes for a mere £1.49, I do love EBay. Been such a nice day, very hot and had to put my son's summer hat on (he is 8 month's and does not want anything on his head or feet) after putting his hat on for the fourth time he pulled it over his eye's and just want to sleep too cute. Wish I could have been in the buggie with him, so wiped. So I notice everyone is really making the most of the weather, when I went to pick up some bits and bobs from Asda. There was a sea of women wearing maxi dresses and some got it soooo wrong. I know how can you get it wrong, I think the key is to keep it simple. Belt it or pop on a hat but let the dress speak. Great footwear is a must, flats for day, heels for night no trainers unless you are one of those uber kool crowd who has mad hair and kooky spilling out your veins. If not, just leave it alone !

Sorry for the rant, but I just don't like seeing a great dress and than seeing a dirty off white bra hanging out and shoes which I can only believe were some melted down looking Croc's ( Yes, I hate Croc's). I did see a gal wearing a fab play suit, that she had slashed up on top so you could see parts of her uber chic tee underneath oh I do love to people watch. Stalker !!! :P no honest I'm not !


  1. Hey doll! Hope youre well :)

    You look gorgeous!
    Those shoes are amazing!!!!! Ive been looking for some tan coloured shoes for aggggges!

    Hope you have a nice weekend :) x

  2. ahhaha that painting is crap, that cracked me up! feel free to leave as many rubbish comments are you want.....but i know you will be fibbing!

    that is an amazing bargain, i hardly ever come across really cheap stuff that i would actually wear, on ebay. my gf has loads maxi tops and dresses, she's in the kooky section and pulls of a grey jersey maxi t-shirt and converse very well.

    the weather is amazing!shame i cant dress for it

  3. thank you my dear's oh you are so sweet. Yeah Matt, I am a rubbish liar :P
    Aoife I love your new layout but it's not letting me comment on your page :(


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