I Love Studs

I want these jeans they are so, so fab. I have though about DIY but it will take a wile to make these wonders, what do you think? Are you a fan of stud's or do you think the only place they look good is in the bin ! Let me know.........

So like I said, I have a sprained ankle and can't do much at all. I can still blog so at least that is something. So I have been busy DIYing a few bits, nothing major yet. This is just stuff I am trying to do when I get a few hour (which is rare !!!). So here is me the other in my DIY stud cardi, I place two close together and an outer one at the edge of the shoulder. If I did it again, I would have just done four in a row. I have a DIY dress I am working on but I will save that for tomorrow. So here was my lazy afternoon outfit. I will show Sundays tomorrow (this will be before the sprain :( yes I mashed it good). Anyway here was my Sat outfit......

Top: DIY tesco shrug
Tee: Thrifed £1:50
Jeans: Thrifed £4:00
Bag: old
Flip Flops: old

So I really needed wanted some new shades and I have been loving the whole cats eye ones I have been spotting in every mag lately. I also am loving, the whole perspex clear trend so when I saw these on EBay for a £1:00 and free P&P I snapped them up. What do you think? Cute?  

 MK Olsen .......If its good enough for an Olsen than its good enough for me.

See everyone is wearing them !!

Anyway thank you for all your comments and I hope you have a good week. I think it will be raining in London ...........rubbish.


  1. Those glasses are adorable!! Quite like studs myself :)

    Yeah I didnt know the comments werent working until someone told me via youtube!!

    Aww no how did you manage a sprained ankle?! Thats madness!
    We are getting lots of sun yes :)

    Hope youre well! xx

  2. great photos!
    really like ur style!
    i m sending u some sun from Athens, Greece, hope it reaches London soon!

  3. ooohh nat that would be great thank you :P xxxx

  4. more studs, it's certainly effective


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