In Bloom

Primark vest
So it's Thursday and everyone is just itching for the weekend, I hope the sun will be out than I can wear by Primark vest, which was only £6:00. I love the back so a much needed on trend bun is needed ...........that's if it is sunny. I also was thinking of, wearing my cute little tea dress which is also from Primark. I have show it in another post. I just love the cut out detail, and the Cath Kidston style print .....just lush.
Primark dress £13:00

So this was from a while ago, but I was too busy to post it. I wore an Ebay dress which I think is Primark which was about £3:00, with a necklace that my dad gave me. My Tesco handbag which is glued to my arm at the moment and I was having a bad hair day I quiff it. It was raining, and me and my BF were taken bub for a walk. We walked past a blossom tree and my BF being a true photography had to take a couple of picture's. I love them !! I wish he had his camera on him instead of just my cyber shoot, but I do think they really capture my mood that day : Happy even in rain. We went to go get, a second remote for my Wii but they had sold out. So I still need one :( I have Just Dance and it's rubbish on your own ! Anyway what do you think of the pic's ?

Dress: EBay
Necklace: Gift
Shoes: New Look
Bag: Tesco

In Bloom ....................

Anyway got to dash, and do some much needed sorting. All my stuff just seems to be in such a jumble !!! BTW check this month's cover of Elle I think I should be on there with Kylie ( I want the cage heel's she has on !!!)


  1. Oooh i love your primarni goodies! primark has certainly got better over the past year i must say!

    the cherry blossom looks so pretty :') and the blue dress looks devine on you


  2. ahhhh you're such an ebay addict, half your wardrobe is from there by the sounds of it.

    the images on the blossom trail are adorable! thanks for the consistant lovely comment you leave by the way, it makes bloggin that bit nicer.

    have a nice week, as always

  3. Anything with a Cath Kidston-esque print on is fine by me ^-^
    I like your blue dress

    Claire xx


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