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So it has been a tad mad at the moment, my little one is not as little. It seems anytime I get is spend tidying and sorting out my week. So looking forward to next Friday, going to meet up with my friend's for a nice old caught up in my fave pub.So that means I can wear something nice, I have a whole heap of stuff that I'm dieing to wear. So what's going on in the Fashion world ..................well you have AFW ( Australian Fashion Week) , and do they know Fashion. There is a great brand in Australia called Sports Girl (think Topshop) and they now ship to alot more places. I love there look book and blog .....check them out at http://www.sportsgirl.com.au/

I love these looks

Sport Girl feature, Alexa Chung's new book of illustrates ...........which looks rather good, here is what they had to say about our Alexa.

'Adding to her list of talents (including the amazing ability to make us want to wear platform clogs) Brit It Girl Alexa Chung picked up a pen to illustrate the cover of a diary for UK charity organisation Ctrl.Alt.Shift.

The creative folks at Ctrl.Alt.Shift have launched ‘Dear Diary’, a campaign to draw attention to issues affecting teenagers across the world – especially those living under extreme conditions, including growing up in the slums of Kenya.

The campaign features an exhibition and VIP event as well as a limited-edition diary, with an adorable cover illustration by Alexa Chung and content from the likes of Courtney Love.

We just love an old school, pen-and-paper variety diary: whether you’re writing out your latest shopping list, jotting down ideas or revealing your deepest darkest secrets, it’s pretty much a fixture of teenagers' bedrooms everywhere – and a great way to draw attention to issues affecting young people around the world.
File under “Reasons why we love Alexa Chung”.'

Back to me  (& you)........................
So will you be buying the book? Or do you think it will be a miss? oHHH Yeah I was all go to get my Topshop makeup, but my friend told me it's not that it's okay ...........When someone says okay than I won't even go there and trust me she knows Makeup. So yeah bit of a bummer, I will stick with my Barry M :P I love it.
I really, really need to stay away from EBay !!!!! I won't even go there. So Kate Moss has yet another collection for Topshop and again everyone is raving it's the best one ever ..........yawn, didn't they say that about everyone of the collection's !! Anyway it lauches tomorrow if you wanna grab a piece. So I want some really cool boots, I have too many already I hear you cry .....but I really need a different pair that's want I tell my self so I am loving this kind of style. What do you think? As the weather is rubbish, and sun just can't make up it's mind plus it add's a twist to a summer dress I think. A wedge boot .............maybe.
                                                                        Stockholm Style
So I have some really, cool picture's that were taken a while ago that I will post tomorrow. I won't make this an uber, uber blog I will save it. Glad to back with you blog Buddie's and I am gonna have a good read as to what you have been up too.
Images: Stockholm Style, Sports Girl.

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  1. O0ooh those clothes look magnificant! i will defo be checking out the website so thanks for sharing. love wedge boots <3 i am dying to get a pair

    and oh my, ebay becomes soo addictive! me and my friend were obsessed with buying on there at one point. so glad ive moved away from that phase now :P

    hope you enjoy your friday! xx


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