Ohhhh BTW Topshop Makeup Is here.................

Topshop Makeup is here tomorrow you can buy it online and I'm pretty sure it will be online. You only get a bag if you buy three products, and there are lots of things going on at the Oxford St store so check it out if you can.

Words and images from Topshop blog.

To get us even more excited, we caught up with designer Lizzie Dawson for the inside scoop on how it all started, plus some top seasonal tips.

Everybody’s super excited about Topshop Make Up - how did the range come about?

I've been at Topshop for six years with the design team and everybody knew how much I loved my cosmetics! Because of this, and because my work revolves so much around colour, a move into make-up just seemed like a natural next step. I remember being at this Secret Garden Party and needing a look that packed some punch, so I just started experimenting with feathers and glitter and people’s reactions were amazing!

It sounds wild!

Yeah! That’s sort of where our inspiration has come from. We wanted to create products that were unlike anything else on the market - products that we would want to buy - products made purely and entirely for the Topshop girl.

So, what can we expect?

Well we started out really simply by imagining what pieces would go into our ideal make-up bag and we came up with a Core Range of bronzers, skin tints and glow that we know girls are going to love using every day. We spent ages looking into formulas and searching for the highest quality we could find. From the get-go we knew that this had to be the very best - Topshop girls wouldn’t settle for anything less! Then we had the most fun ever with the Trend Collection, which is limited edition and comes out every three months. We went to loads of festivals and got a real sense of this thirst for newness in the air. Make-up looks change as often as garments do, so we took our cue from Topshop clothing and came up with products that we already totally adore. It’s all about colour colour colour and getting really creative with glitter pots and kohl pencil and lashings of mascara! It’s really exciting - we’re all feeling totally inspired!

We can’t wait to have a go for ourselves!

I know, all of us working on make up had so much fun playing with product in the office.

If you had to pick a favourite piece, which one would it be?

I love them all! I’m totally smitten with our gold and silver crayons - it’s like putting liquid metal on your skin and, used in the inside corners of your eyes, makes for a great party look. I also adore the Neon Rose cream-to-powder cheek colour. It goes on perfectly and gives a really fresh, dewy glow. But they're all really amazing. The mascara is incredible - one of the girls took a tube in Raven to Ibiza and said not only did it thicken and curl her lashes, but it stayed put the whole night through, dancing and all. How amazing is that!?

Pretty amazing, and so perfect for festival season. Any other top tips for festival goers?

Have as much fun as possible with your make-up. We've created this range as a monument to Topshop girls' uniqueness. I think that festival make up should be all about experimenting and letting your artistic side run wild. Where else can you get away with face paints and sparkles during the day?

I think I may get some nail polish, but I will have a good look :P
Will you be buying any?


  1. We don't have a Topshop in L.A. but some of the products looks good.

    Can't wait for reviews.:D

    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  2. I can't believe the release is here already! I'm definitely going to be keeping an eye out for the reviews and how they compare to other make up brands. I'm only really interested in the nail colours and lipsticks and maybe a blush or two. Excited though!

  3. Im interested to see what the quality of the makeup is like!!

    Hope youre well, and having a nice week! :)

    Ive only worn the granny cardi like twice, im loving more fitted clothes at the mo! I must incorporate it into some outfits soon though :)

    The weather here has been amazing the last while, and i woke up today and it was pouring! :(

    Whats London like?!


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