Fake Lashes and Birthday Drinks

How mad do I look hehehehe

So it was my BFF birthday and me and the girl's ended up at club Pearl (West end) and this is what I wore. We pasted the agent provocateur window and I had to do my most unsexy pose in  front of it. People gave us the craziest looks, but I don't care when I make my mate's laugh. I really wanted to wear same fake lashes, so I what for my stargazer gold pair. I got them from http://www.cosmeticfairy.com/, they were around £4:00 and I love them. 

The one's I'm wearing are the gold and black, but they do loads of different shades. They are tricky to apply, so have a tooth pick Handy to apply the glue along the false lash. That why it will be alot cleaner, I made abit of a mess as I was in a rush to get them on and go. Anyway what do you think?
Anyway I had thee best night, and we got chased by a tramp wearing a sailor hat which was funny (but not at the time). Got a party this Saturday so looking forward to getting dressed up ............................hmmm what to wear.

Top: ASOS.com
Skirt & Bag : H&M
Necklace: Primark
Shoes: New Look

Have you ever or would you ever wear fake eyelashes? What do you think about them? If you do, which are your faves?

Eyelashs : Star grazer


  1. love those shoes xx follow xx

    soo many ideas, thanx x

  2. your eyes suit lashes so well! you must try the girls aloud ones, they are incredible and such great quality!xxx


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