Enjoy Your Hour Of Sun ........

So Today there was a whole hour of sun !!!! Yes how rubbish, we did get out to enjoy the bank Holiday. Did you enjoy yours? I hope so, welcome to my new follower's and thank you for all your lovely comment's (makes me smile). So like I have said before got so much stuff, and yes you guessed it I have been back on EBay .....yep I need some kind of auction rehab !!! I did get the best win ever (for me) Four really cute pair's of shoes for just ..........................£3.29 !!!! inc post !!!! I was in shock because I always get outbid. Than this got be thinking of whys, are you like me in this way, let me explain ..............................

My List Of Whys ..........................(I know I am lucky, I have my health, my son and bf and good friend's etc .....but)

  • Why do I always get outbid for something I love on EBay, but always win semi-cool things.

  • Why do I always get stuck in the queue behide people who don't want to pay the extra 10p for a loaf of fresh bread in Tesco .................I mean really, I will fucking pay it, just go !

  • Why do buses always drive off if you run for them. Oh the shame.

  • Why do I mistake stranges for people I know shout too them, see its not them but shout again just to make sure :P

  • Why do I put back half empty drinks back in the fridge (just incase someone else wants it)

  • Why do people always think, I work in every shop I'm in even when I have my bag ....and now my buggy ! Yes my boy is 7 months, maybe he can advise you on your footwear or maybe you can workout, that if I did work here I'm clearly not doing a good job. Does this happen to you? Sometimes if I'm in the mood I will help the nice ones, yes I am lame.

  • Why do people like croc's ?!?

  • Why do people dress their seven yr old's girls like hookers (you cant blame shops you choose to put your kid in a mini skirt and kitten heels) when not complete the look with a bottle of JD and a pack of cig's.

  • Why do SOME people in retail ask ' how are you?' just to ignore anything that you respond with ...........I don't need to talk with you, so don't feel you have to ....I mean it's such an effort for you clearly to open your mouth and be nice. I have worked in retail and I always make the effort, more so to the really rude ones (they hate that).

  • Why do people get soooo mental in the sale, only to buy rubbish they don't need.

  • Why do people never queue were they are meant to even when there is a sign ...........and Argos is the worst people stand outside the tunnel thing designed to make queueing easy !!

  • Why do people believe makeup and hair products give you the same result as the ad ...check the bottom (lash insert) so if you want to be worth it ....than you may need extensions .....bad company's ...lieing to us.

  • Why do people say 'oh I won't have one' only to change their mind when you have put it all back.

  • Why do people feel the need to out dance each other in clubs, or get it on with their partner on the dance floor................' if they lean on me will I caught heaps' classic line from one of my BFF.

  • Why do people stop dead in the street, when it is really busy ....just to start wlking and than stop again AAAAARRRRgggghhhh!!!
I won't say anymore .................let me know your why's, its nice to have a good rant. What makes you say Why?
Sorry if this bored you, anyway have a great week. x

Dress: Primark
Bag: Tesco
Shoes: New Look
Necklace: H&M

P.s. Do you like this dress?


  1. hahahaha that list cracks me up. and yes i love that dress and the shoes!


  2. I love that list. Sometimes it's just good to vent. Great outfit as well.

  3. omg agree with you on so many of these haha!! when people stop in the streeet i'm like ommmmggggg!!!!!!


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