Money To Burn

Oh my Gok is back, oh I do love Gok's Fashion Fix. This time round it is like 'How to look good naked' and 'Fashion Fix' mixed together fab, fab, fab. I love that he shows women how to get the latest looks, I think its bad when we don't encourage each others style, instead (yes, I am sometime guilty) we just look and think WTF are you wearing. I always get people thinking I work in every clothing store I visit, but if the person seems nice I don't mine actually saying 'oh you should so try this'.

After all this is what I have been doing for years, but got paid for, sometimes its nice just too help someone feel good .....but I don't go round looking for people ....yeah don't stalk not cool. Next time a friend needs help or maybe your mum or sister than lend a hand. I have to choose my mums clothing as its not so much about her total lack of fashion, its just she does not understand her body shape and I will spend all my time showing her she can look fab and feel at home in what she wears.

If I had money to burn I would be buying....

Any givenchy boots, Whats not to love, studs style and I think they are really sexy without being try hard.
Get me a time machine for Christopher Kane 2007.

And if I could travel back in time with some cash, I would head back to 2007 and buy up all the Christopher Kane collection for topshop. I want this dress sooo badly, I am always looking for it on eBay. Lame I know, so what would you buy? Would you also need a fashion time machine? I would love to know. Thank you for all your lovely comments. Have a great weekend my dears.


  1. Gorge shoes!!! Haha im terrible ive been shopping the last 3 days in a row!!!
    Planning on some more tomorrow :O



  2. omg.. those boots are to die for!! :D

  3. wow those givenchy shoes are killer.

  4. i think i would go all the way back to the 20s and get in with the hip crowd, the bright young things!

  5. Hey hey! oh wow are you a stylist? thats such a compliment though people coming up to you in the shops and asking you q's. i love advising people on what to wear, especially my mum too!

    i've been searching ebay for a pair of wedges and bought a pair today for a bargainous £2.50 altogether!! my love and addiction for ebay has returned thanks to you :P but ebay will be a kinder way in future to fuel my shoe addiction

    o0oo i love the gobsmackingly-amazing studded shoes. i can't bare to imagine how much they cost >.< i'm sure you could customise some plain black shoes and work your magic so they kinda look like those!

    unfortunately i haven't got a tutorial on how to do the candy stripe nail polish :( i don't want to horrify anyone with close ups of my toes :P but all you have to do is paint your toes with a matte blue colour, draw 3 lines on each toe with a nail art brush, glue on diamontes on the middle of your big toes, top coat and viola your done!

    hope your having a fab bank holiday weekend!



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