High Va Va Voom

So I was doing my daily checks of whats hot on the web and I am just loving Topshops new High Performance collection it is such a mix and match, but it really works I love the the see through long maxi dress ...not sure I could pull it, but if I was abit taller I would be working it. The other looks can be done I think, maybe water them down a little, or if you can go for the full on TS look. I think it has a sport element about it, a tad Wang but it is a little brighter and more girly. I love Wang but it has a male rawness about it, this is softer. 

So what do you think? Is this something everyone could rock or do you think it is to much for day wear? Would be cool to hear from you, I do like to know what gos on in other fashion lovers brains.

I love the different leggings, they are much more grown up than what we have seen on the high street so far and I think if you are a bit larger than than can still look great. I love layering as every gal can feel good and not have to worry about lumps and bumps, because sometimes some trends are really aimed at one type of body shape. I love trends that everyone can adapt and feel and look great.


  1. I know. I love the mesh ones sooo sexy x

  2. So much beautiful stuff!!! Love it!


  3. Think it all looks great :)

  4. i love the last dress!

  5. I love a sporty look! Topshop's is more feminine and pretty but I don't mind A. Wang's version either!

    I need to check out Urban Outfitters here to see if they have any Preen...


Thank you for your comments, I really do love hearing from you x