D.I.Y Stud Top

So before I mashed up my ankle this was my outfit, I added a couple of studs to the front (a new mini addiction I have) I am working on a dress but will show you when its finished . Its very girly and glam. Anyway I had a really great day on Sunday, and the sun was shinning !! We went for a nice meal, and drinks with family and apart from almost snapping myself I really had fun. So

I really need to have a good clear out, I have alot of things I have just hang onto because they remind me of fun times. I just don't have room, so I really have too. Never shoes .......that's one thing that my BF has to do ....because I will still love them till they fall apart.  

Top: George at Asda, DIY studs
Necklace: Asda... I think
Shorts: New Look
Shoes: EBay
Sunglasses: Matthew Williamson for H&M

The white marks are from, the ton of sun factor I have to slap on otherwise I burn like bacon.I love these sunglasses, I got them from the Matthew Williamson for H&M last year, and I can final wear them this year as we have some sun. They are huge, great for when I look like crap or wanna chic a dull outfit. These are my fab wedge's, that I got off EBay I still love them and I blame the dip, in the road for my poor ankle. Ever had a fashion relate injure I would love to know? I knew a girl, who got her earring caught on her dates shirt ....ouch she almost slip her lob ...maybe fashion should come with a warning 'don't attempt contact while wearing these'.


  1. Loving your customised dress and the wedges are to die for. Were they from a private seller or an ebay shop?

    I'll be looking forward to seeing the dress that you're hiding from us too! :P

  2. Thank you! Very nice! I really liked your blog ))) You have such a nice baby )))

  3. That's such an easy diy and it looks brilliant! get you're well chuffed!

    more ebaying......i've had it up to here ^ with your continuous ebay finds! looking great


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