Friends With Style

My outfit from Friday night
Top: borrowed
Jacket: Thrifed

So I had a great Friday night out, I want for a war noir look (I look like a druggie, oh well) I finally got my flat cap tis amazing. It was great to see everyone, I wish I had more time with them all. I wore my piano braces (two years ago I got addicted to them, I currently have over 20 pairs) I did not drink too much. I ended up crashing at my pal Lori's and we had such a laugh, so sat morning I got some much needed Krisp Kremes at the station. But anyway ......

I had such a laugh with my friend's, and two of them kindly let me take pics of their fab outfits. My friends Lori and Sotiris are good friends, and we all once worked together (I do miss working with them) I do have a great mix of styles among my mates (but not everyone wants to be on here) so I was really happy when they said 'Yeah why not'. I love both there styles, and also that they keep to want they like ...I think it shows that their clothing is like a second skin.

Lori has a great laid back feel to her outfits, she always looks effortlessly cool. She likes to wear a key piece (at the moment she has this great leather biker jacket) and style her current wardrobe around this. She is a con's girl like myself and she wears them well. I love her strawberry necklace, I like that Lori keeps her style simple and chic.
Lori's current obsessed with : Glee

Sotiris has such a urban, yet sharp look he is not scared to play with his style. Its young, fresh and clean he also makes his necklace ...he also makes amazing clocks (I will show you in a different post). This is also a great laid back look, again he is very cool and there is nothing try hard about his style. Soto keeps his look co-ordinated and simple, yet I love the rebel part of him adding a chain.
Sotiris's best belt: The one with his name on (I want one)



Do you have effortlessly stylish friends?

Thank you for all your lovely comments, I also took some pictures of Topshop & Miss Selfridges current windows I will post tomorrow. x


  1. Nice blog


  2. beautiful photos-ur friends look soo nice!!!!!!!And thnx for the comment!!!!!
    Have a nice day!!!!!!!

  3. Nice pictures and cool outfits.:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  4. ooh how i miss london...... hello girl!


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