T-shirt Heaven................

Top: Primark £2.50
Sunglasses: Primark £1
Necklace: H&M £3.99
Hat: Topman (stolen from my BF, he has a grey one that he loves more )

I just love this T-shirt from Primark, for £2.50 I almost jumped on to the display for it ....there is something about it, the idea of a dog under umbrella made me giggle (yes I'm sad) anyway what do think?
So had a mad weekend will post some picture's, it was my BFF birthday and so we went to a club called Pearl, we had such a great night plus the fab DJ played all the song's I asked for (that never happens).

So Lady Gaga Just Dance pumping out the beats and drink in hand, we were working the dance floor and had a laugh at the pure random sleazy that was trying to dance against us  .......fun time's. We have this great move, if you have like us that one person who starts dancing in your circle than just make sure you all turn your back on them, work's every time and mean's you don't have to say anything. Sorry this post is going to be short and sweet just like my son ..............I will post more this week. Still got my Primark haul and other stuff. Have a fab week.

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  1. hahah I thought my girlfriends and I were the only ones to do that "turn your back" dance when sleazy guys come up to us in a club. It really does work everytime! I love the t-shirt too,such a bargain! Great blog! :)


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