Feeling A Tad Random

How cute are these pug balloon's at Grazia for fashion week, I saw them a while ago but I had to post them to cheer everyone up for the start of this week. Hope you have all been well, and welcome to all the new peeps, also thank you for all your comment's.

Topshop Makeup

So I had a mad weekend and have been posting alot on my other blog, so if your bored you can check it out. Just go to my profile ...there is a link. Anyway so wanted to show you just incase you have not seen my other blog, I posted about Topshop Makeup, and like I said I will be getting same. I was surprised at the price and I love the packaging so I will let you know if it's any good.

So the weather has gone back to being inbetween and so has my clothing but with all the sale's at the moment you can grab a whole outfit for next to nothing my list for good sales are :

http://www.topshop.com/ for UK and USA (good for bags and tops)
http://www.asos.com/ for UK and USA (great for shoes, clothing and designer outlet)
http://www.peacocks.com/  for UK (good for sandals )
http://www.debenhams.com/ (great for just about everything)

They are just a few that I have been grabbing stuff off, this list could go on. If you are after something in the sale, let me know I will try and hunt it down for you (sad but true I actually get really happy at finding thing's) let me know.
I am loving my sailor top at the mo that I got from ASOS.com for just £5 ...... here are some picture's that I think are a cool way of wearing striped top's. This trend has been around for a while but I just love it ....it's classic.

my ASOS top

Inspiration for wearing stripes

So if you have not worn them, than try wearing them a different way as they always look uber chic to me. I don't think they will ever go out of fashion (well not for long away), plus you can wear stripe's in so many way's I love the blue striped dress by Jovovich hawk, I wish we had a target in the UK. Check out River Island, and http://www.boohoo.com/ had a whole heap of stripey stuff on sale. I would say grab a cardie or top, dresses are okay but you won't get as much wear out of it. What do you think? Have you ever worn stripe's, do you think they are a dead trend ?

Anyway this was abit of a random post, but I will post something maybe midweek. Have a great one. Found these the other day, had to show you as you loved the cupcake post the other day.

Images: River island, getty, Jovovich hawk and other random found's.


  1. great photos! i like the pink skirt/stripes, and olivia's outfit. :D i also want that grazia balloon!! xD

  2. That doggie balloon is so cute!

    I'm into the stripes, they work on so many levels!


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