My Asos Haul And Life ............


 Top: ASOS
 Leggings: Tesco
 Shoes: New Look
 Bag & Shades : Primark

So here is one of my haul's last.
The two T-Shirt's were £5:00 each in the sale and the vest was £9:00 also in the sale. I love the stripey top the best soooooo chic.

            I love this one very Wildfox

This print really grabbed me.

Sorry I have not posted in a while, my little boy now has a cough, it's just non-stop with the sickness. I llok like crap because I have not sleep for over a week ...yeah fun time's .Me and his dad (my BF) let him snuggle up to us last night ...he kept grabbing my nose in the night. so onto all the madness of this week. My outfit's and other shit know what I'm like. 

Anyway thank you for your alway's lovely comment's and I have tryed to caught up on all your blog's. I am loving people's spring/summer clothing, and fashion picture's ....ohh and fab DIY job's, I still have not had time to make anything, sooo I am lusting after other people's.

So was flicking through my mag, over coffee the other morning and there were picture's of Topshop makeup .....................Horay !!! Guess what it look's really nice and is not stupidly overpriced ...I know I was impress by that too and I am loving the cute little stop's and stripe's packing, sorry the picture's are not great. My scanner is a little grumpy at the mo, so just took some picture's.

                                                                       images: Look

So what do you think? Will you be buying any?

So here are my NEW heart jean's that my BF got me from Topshop .............I love them, but I'm not sure what to wear with them at the moment. What do you think? I was going to wear an oversized T-shirt and maybe heel's or my con's ....................hhhmmmmm

Summer Topshop jean's

As you know I am a super fan of Lady Gaga, but .......................................................I love this send up of the telephone video and had to share it with you. Let me know if you think it is funny or weather I am lame :( ....I love the 'place the lotion in the basket', if you don't know what this is from than we can't be friend's ....I'm only kidding ....or am I ....

Love Product placement ...........................hmmm virgin, headphones, swatch ....

My next post will be The Primark Haul, I promise .............


  1. Thanks for commenting :)

    I absolutely love your sandals in the first pictures!! And the heart print jeans are adorable too xx

  2. Cute tees and I like your bag!:D

    Happy Thursday!:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  3. Those shoes in your pic are gorgeous! Great haul!
    Im good thanks! And you?! Anything nice planned for the weekend?!
    Im studying Culinary Arts in college :) fun :)

  4. wow i bought the perfume top too! - it actually arrived today - such a bargain i couldnt resist :D i really love your heart printed jeans, they look sooo cute :')

  5. Whaaat??? I WANT those JEANS!!!! My god, my god *frenzy* Topshop here I come (@.@)

  6. bit if a mammoth post. this blog is for ever changing, i can't keep up.

    well seems like you got some mega bargains from asos, their sale does go so cheap doesn't it. this proves it. you look super.

    those new heart jeans are very wacky aren't they! pretty out there, look forward to seeing them on. have a nice weekend too

  7. Love the top in your first few pictures ... the perfect sailor esque top ... i NEED one lol :) Great post hun x

  8. I love those lovely pants! You're sure to draw a lot of attention when you wear them :)

  9. oooo i really wanted these jeans but would have to try on a few sizes and i think they were only sold online? would love to see an outfit pic of them!

  10. Whoaaa these are so nice!!! :) I love them, gonna look good on!! :)


  11. I will try and post a heart jean's outfit soon x Thank you for your comment's x


Thank you for your comments, I really do love hearing from you x