Primark Haul part 1 ....................

Bag: £6:00
Purse: £3:00

So here is the first part of my haul, I spilt it so this post was not uber long so as I am trying to get rid of alot I did not go mad and get everything I wanted so I just picked thing's I knew I would use alot. You have seen the bag and the sunglasses in my post before I love them, and for this price who wouldn't.

I love this weekend bag, Primark have these in alot so if you miss out on one there is alway's a new must have design. I got this floral one as it is a little Cath Kidston ( just floral pattern,not the actual style) she has one but it's £28:00 and that's not heap's I know, but for someone who should not even be buying the £6:00 Primari one I had to say no. Primark also have a blue spotty one which again is very Kidston. If you want the real deal go to and snap this one up for  £28:00 ....

or be quick to Primark and get a purse to match. The purse is great and you can get alot into it, it has a nice photo bit which I will be putting a picture of bub in.

Shoes: £5:00

They are mint !!!! Great for everyday wear and go with just about everything.

Necklace: Sale £1:00

I love this denim necklace, great for dressing up a boring old top or dress and just adding a little something to my everyday wear. I was going to make one, but for a £1:00 why ?? It would cost me more. I am still thinking of making a really bright one, I just don't have the time :(

Sunglasses : £1:00
Ring: £1:50

Love, love, love these shade's the best pound I ever spent. I love there vintage look and this ring is great with all the floral dresses and top's I have. I do love a chunky ring. They had such a huge selection so go have a look. 

This is all currently in store, and they have even more great stuff as I saw my friend's haul the other day, I did drool a little. If you cant get to a Primark there are alot on Ebay ...weekend bag's people are selling for around  £8:00. If you do have one, than now is the time to go, as they have soooooooooooo much.

The other half I will post soon ......

Have a great week.


  1. lovely items! i really like the floral print bag! primark has defo got better over the years :D

  2. yes I know, back in the day it was all sport's active :P yuk !!

  3. What a great haul! I love the Primark accessories, they are always really unusual and such a bargain, I have a whole draw full of their shiney bangles! I think if you can hunt Primark has some real gems xx

  4. Very nice! Those shoes are gorgeous, mint green is my fave colour! Must pick up a pair :) x

  5. spluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrge!

    it's nice to treat isn't it, and the total cost is nothing really, esp if you have been working hard.

    i'm really glad you liked the painting on my blog and it spurred you on to write the comment. i couldn't agree with you more and painting/drawing/creating will always have a place in my world.

    hope to post some more of my own stuff soon


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