Here come's The Sun

So I was on a tidy mission last week and this is how my little dresser looked after, I bet by next week it will be a total mess again !! Anyway today was so sunny and like I said before I hate my leg's so it was all about the tights ....but it is getting to the point where I just can't wear them. 

So out will came the body butter, slapping on the body scrub .....and I my leg's are so pale I may even have to put on a little tan. Tan usually makes me look like I have a rash, anyway we had to stay in for some work to be done. We did go to the cafe for some lunch to enjoy the sun, like I say we don't get a lot so soak it up. OHHH and I keep changing my nail's, I am ticking myself off ....I think I may dare I say it leave them nude, naked ....bear.

Cardi: my late Nan made
Skirt: River Island
Top: Primark
Boot's: Camden

My £20:00 boot's that I have had and loved for three year's.
I must do a list soon not sure what to post either my likes and loathes or a wish list ......what would you like to hear about?


  1. This was lovely!! I ADORE those boots! Gives a gorgeous pop of colour to the outfit :) vuuury nice!

    Hope youre well and thanks for the comment on my recent post :) xx


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