Welcome To The Imaginarium

My BF early today surpised me with the film 'The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus', I have been deading to see it as I did'nt get to go to see it at the flick's due to my bub. We have just watched it and I must say .........................................it is truely one of thee best film's I have seen ever. I am in love with this film. For a start it is filmed near were I live !!!!!!!!!!! Which make's me feel part of the magic, and secondly it is by Terry Gilliam (legend, check out Time Bandit's and Brazil amazing !!!!) so it has a whole host of celeb's in and the late great Heath Ledger :( and the ever soooo yummy Johnny Depp.

Anyway I am not goning to say too much about it as I think it's nicer to discover yourself, but I will say this it is dark and in true Gilliam's style it mix's both the real and the fantasy in mindblowing portion. Doctor Parnassus (who is played by Christopher Plummer another legend) made a deal with the devil, to be immortal and now he will pay the price , sooo watch it and find out what, why and if he will win ...................you won't be disappointed. Ledger is on top form in this film and it will forever remain as a piece of history to a truely great young actor.

Here some picture's of the cast and Heath, who Gilliam very fitting credit the film to ...........

Above is the amazing cast with Terry Gilliam, who co wrote and directed the film with Dave Warren.

I just had to post this with it, this is Matilda Rose I hope she can watch her dad's film's with pride and know how amazing he was. He was clearly a loving dad as I recall alway's seeing picture's of them having fun together.

Health Ledger - 4 april 1975- 22 jan 2008 he was 28.

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  1. His death truly broke my heart!
    I've been waiting for this film for two years. Really can't wait.

  2. That photo of him and his daughter breaks my heart :(

  3. I know they look so cute together
    :(. Will you lot will love the film it is amazing !!!! I only say that about film's I love !!

    Thank's for your comment xxx

  4. he was an incredibly natural and graceful actor, sorely missed.


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