Shirt: Ebay primark, Shorts: New Look, Bracelet & 
Necklace: H&M

So the sun is blazing and I still am so ill, my fella got me some cough syrup which was so sweet of him and he got the bub an iggle piggle toy ...that has already started to drive me mad. Well it make's the bub laugh so I can put up with it. I just had to take a picture of this tree and the funky seat's in the market square. Today I just wanted to wear something comfy that I could just throw on, when you are coughing up your lung's, yes they also escaped you just grab anything. So what did you do today?What do you think of these seat's?

I have worn these black pump's to death, but they go with everything and they kiss my feet. I love footwear that's worn, I hate the feeling of new shoes only heel's I love the smell of new heel's (I know I'm a freak).


  1. That's a nice shirt!

  2. ah it's ace that the sun is out, seems like it's out everywhere. i loved waking up then opening my window straight away, the air feels so nice.

    ohh yep yep i like those odd seats, they don't look very sitable though?!

    yes do it, pop yourself!

  3. great pictures! <3 love your style, the shirt is neautiful!



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