Geek Glasses and Asos Magazine

So I got ASOS magazine through the door the other day, and I just can't put it down I am so glad they supersized it. The small one was cute, but I do heart a full size image with Skin's star Kaya on the cover I was even more pleased. OMG I love the custom made jacket they made for Kaya (we what one ASOS !!) lucky girl. So today's outfit was inspired by Fearne Cotton, I just love the little bow's she wear's I took an old slip and cut off the bottom and used it for the bow. Just having a chilled weekend, plus I feel like crap.

I really like the raw edge from cutting the bottom off this nude slip, I think it add's something. I don't always like things to be clean cut, I think I still have the teenage metal chick in me. Eeeeemmm I'm loving this weekend ASOS mag in hand and milkybar, plus cough stuff ....hmmm may just be naughty and put back on my jammie's.

Black shirt: My mum's, from primark
 Glasses: Urban Outfitters, Shoes: Primark

I wanted to do this for a while but I was not sure, than I just though why not ....I think it look's cute and I got the idea from Fearne Cotton (oh she is sooo stylish). I still want that Mulberry bag :(
Fearne with her bow cute ......BTW you can also use a scarf as Fearne does in the bottom to get the look. I love it ...........what do you think?

Images of Cotton:

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