Boredom Has Eaten My Brain

So after seeing Mat's post  'Pop Yourself'  I had to give it a go .......oh Mat mine doesn't look half as good. Anyway I had fun doing it .....I used Leo Sayer and Diana Ross ...I'm still waiting. I may do a full length of the Diana one again, as I think it would be funny. Thanks for the great Inspiration Mat ..............check out his blog at ....  great blog and sock crazy, Mat's blog is his 'Scrapbook'. Check it out.

Anyway I am so bored right now, I feel really restless. So I logged into and ordered three top's to go with my new pink heart jean's, my BF got me them which was a nice surprise (which I beat out of him ....all the 50th ''ohhhh what did you buy me?'' he looked like he was going to go insane or kill me). So I will post outfit's for sure. I have sooo much on this week, my week is going to start off with a wedding  BBF Lori on Monday (on a boat) which will be fun. I am a bit unsure about my sea leg's, the last thing you want at a wedding is your guest's vomiting everywhere yummy. So I may just seat a lot.

Then I think midweek I am meeting a friend I use to work with at Lush, Yes I use to work at Lush. Here is the proof ............................ 

Sometimes I miss it, but I am still friend's with the people I loved working with there. There were so Evil people there too ...but we won't waste time talking about them.
So here is a picture I found of the super super height bubble tower's I use to build, My manager at the time Mel (who was fab) would always be like ' Sure you got enough there' no one build them up like I could, it became my addiction. OHHhh and the fancy dress party's I am not posting picture's of that well maybe .......I look like a dolly on speed. I will save that for next time.

My Bubble Display

Anyway so yeah I was saying I have not seen my friend (from Lush) in forever she also has a little boy, I remember when she came in to work and told us ....he is now three. So we are going to caught up and have a coffee ...spend money we don't have in shop's. 

Than Friday I am going out with BBF Con, she always gets me to cool, hip place's that I just adore I really look forward to that. Than I have my other BBF's Eve birthday later this month and she said she wants a girl's night of glam and dancing bring it on. I am hoping that the 7lb will fall off and I can get into my 10's ....I have so many short's and skirt's for summer.

But than I am loving all the goodies at the moment, I have a thing for rocky road which Tesco now do a huge square of it for like £1 something I am going to get huge if left alone with one. Not good. My far away friend's in Oz are going to Megan's wedding other friend (sorry too many people and name's and your like WTF) and so I will be glued to my facebook to 'like' every picture as I know everyone will look fab. Wish I could go, but my mate Larissa (yes, another BBF) Say's that is now going ''It's autumn here so getting cold for us anyhow! '' and she was asking if it was getting hot here, so than I felt a little better for being in London.

ooohhh please come soon heart jean's ...........I need you.


  1. Hoorah for you mentioning Mat! He is a buddy of mine both on and offline.

    tweet tweet tweet


  2. wayyheyyy thanks for the massive shout out! i think, think we are slowly becoming proper blogging friends, what dya think? thank again anyways. hope you are enjoying my blog, nice to get a boys perspective eh.

    wow lush, that is probably the best smelling shop i have ever stepped foot in. well thats a lot of friends mentioned there, lots going on right now, it sounds it.

    happy weekend

  3. I think Mat says it right there. Especially the little pots of perfume balm by the counter you are stood by. I had one called honey I shrunk the kids of something like that and it smelled so good. I seriously got addicted to it. It became a problem.

    Where do you work now?

    Paddy xx

  4. I can smell the rainbow.... Although a tad too much when entering lush (sneeze)! HA

    Yours Truly


  5. Bring on the glam dancing!

    You should go back to Lush luv, it's too expensive without a friend's discount!

  6. Hi! thank you for following <3 i have checked out the asos sale and can't wait to see your haul post. 0oo0h you worked at lush?! ive only bought a few things from there since lush has only just opened recently in my town. do you have any recommendations for me?

    ps. love your quirky style



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