St Patrick's Day

Shirt: Thrifed shop, High waisted short's: Topshop Ebay, Belt: Primark

Eye shadow: Stargazer neon green, Eyeliner: Mac


So how was your St Patrick's Day? I met up with my friend and we went to the cafe for a fry up 
 (which was yummy) , I felt it was fitting to wear some green eyeshadow (Stargazer). Than lined it a la Gaga, the weather in London at the moment is amazing. Oh and we spotted this car which was covered in GRASS !! Yes grass, I must say I love it ...think it is a promo for a company. 

I was  sad to see that no one really make's any effort for St Patrick's day, I am half Irish and am really proud of my root's. My granparents left there family's behide and come here with nothing, back than most shop's and pub's had signs that read 'No black's, No Irish' I am so pleased that thing's have moved on from than. I love that London is so mixed, that I live in such a place that is, rich in different culture's.

I hope my son will grow up with a good idea about his family history, I think everyone should know what their family went through and past the family history to their children. My grandad (my only living granparent) has told all about my great granparent's and their parent's, I must say that they sounded like a real laugh, but he did say they were strict (but what parent's are'nt) I have one photo of them and I think I have my great granmother's eye's see it's these little thing's. Anyway ........................................

Green car we where having lunch by, was going to get a picture with it but a load of school kid's (on a trip) surround it, so I thought I would let them enjoy it.


  1. The car is promoting fake grass :

    Check it out

  2. what a car!wonder what it;s purpose was?

    i have one green item in my wardrobe and thats sound dark green jeans

  3. I agree with you, a family's history is very important and being proud of your roots is a very good thing to pass to your son.:D

    Cute pictures, thanks for sharing!:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!


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