Later That Day

Sandles: Ebay (Office) 
Shirt: New york

I went to the Tate and took my bubby round to see art and he loved it, I could hardly get around as everyone kept cooing at him. He is really cute. Yes it was a nice chilled out day, the city looked amazing today, it help's when there is sun .......Sun And The City. 

Oh just watching Skin's now will give you my review tomorrow, yeah can't wait plus I will show you the fab make-up I got. The sandle's I have on are my Ebay buy and I love them. Sleep well my dear's .................................


  1. To answer your question Cee Cee it's a cyber shoot cam, I love it ........I take it everywhere :P

  2. Wow your shoes are like wonder womans' so cool!!


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