Tuesday, Tuesday

Fearne cotton                                                              Olivia Palermo

I was flicking through my magazine this morning and saw a great outfit on Olivia Palermo, but wait hang on that's Fearne Cotton. Yes I think if you got them both in a room, you could easily mistake our good old (she's not old)  Fearne for Olivia, but Fearne is more give you a seat on a bus, Olivia is more set fire to the bus and all poor people. Style wise I do love Palermo, but cotton is more normal, and everyday which she make's look effortless.

Anyway ...............................

I have spend the day with my mum, it has been nice. The sun was shinning and so I could not help but taken some picture's. Than we had some lunch, was a really great day in fact today has made my week yeah

By Tower Bridge

By the London Eye

The London Eye

Just a off duty day, I love this hat even if the sun was beaming I was going to wear it. My mum was laughing at me, but it make's me feel all cosy, plus it stop's wind hair which is not good when you are trying to take picture's.

I Heart ....

Skin's !!! I love the different oufit's and the story is getting very dark ...........I really hope Freddie is not die, but I'm not sure he when live after that beating .....ohhhh bring on Thursday. If you need to caught up than check out 4OD and you can see them all there !!! I have taken the caught up for you lot so if you watch tomorrow night without ODing than you have the skinny on what's what. I will blog friday to let you know if it is fab or drab ............................I think it will be fab, as alway's. We will have to wait and see, I'm sooo excited.

Emily is thee best ! Pretty and cool and I love the red hair

Don't miss it Thursday: From the E4 webpage:

With their A-level results in for most of the gang, thoughts about the past and the future are on their minds. Thomas is running fast, Katie is doing her best to match make, JJ is baby sitting, Cookie’s up to his old tricks, Emily’s confused and Naomi’s had enough. Effy is released and pining for Freddie. But no-one knows where he is. And Pandora has news of her own, but is anybody around to listen?

As most of our gang congregate at Naomi’s they’re all trying to get along and make sense of recent events to a backdrop of chaos and 80's music. Slowly the gang end up in the one place that makes sense. In their final moments they are reunited once more and anything could happen: make-ups, break-ups, punch-ups. But one thing’s for sure, it will be eventful, and for some, there's no going back.

Written by Bryan Elsley

Directed by Daniel O' Hara

Thursday March 18th on E4

Images from the E4 WEBPAGE

Can't wait ..............can you?


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