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Day Dream

So I know I am completely consumed by Alice In Wonderland but OMG I had to share this with you Paul & Joe have created a limited collection of A.I.W makeup set's that are beyond cute. Not only do you have the A.I.W print on the tin and the lipstick etc... but the colur's look set for summer and at £25:00 every girl can have it in her makeup collection. They are Limited, so if you want to be that every girl you better hurry. There are two to choose from, I love Fantasy but you may like the Day Dream collection.

Paul & Joe Limited Edition ASOS Online Exclusive Alice In Wonderland Collection Tin - Fantasy
From the website

About the product:

Lip Treatment Stick
Blotting Paper
Blotting Paper Refill
Collectible Tin

Lip Treatment Stick:
The formula’s delicate balance of wax and light, fresh smooth oil makes the lipstick spread on delectably smooth. It also contains lasting fit oil, which is highly adhesive and very flexible, so it glides on smooth and creamy and adheres snugly to the lips. Enjoy a long-lasting coat of moisture, a tinge of beautiful color, and a hint of luscious shine.Lasting fit oil combines with amino acid-based shield oil, which is highly compatible with the lips, to form a moist veil. Keeps lips plump and full 001 Sweet milky pink

Characters on tin include: Alice, White Rabbit, Cheshire Cat, Dinah, Playing cards & Hedgehog
Blotting Paper:
This pretty compact contains a mirror and comes with a full set of blotting papers
Look and feel magical anytime, anywhere!

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (1865) and Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There (1871) written by the English mathematician Lewis Carroll, are masterpieces of fiction that have enjoyed lasting popularity and been translated into 125 languages

The film, Alice in Wonderland, produced in 1951 by Walt Disney, who was himself fascinated with the original story, has become one of Disney’s most loved, signature animated feature films.

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