Clash, Mish, Mash

Shirt: Upper Fifth, Belt: vintage, Skirt: H&M, Necklace: Orion

So the weekend has ended and my Ebay addiction has left me so broke, but I'm going to meet up with friend's and have some fun on a shoe string. I wish I could go see Alice In Wonderland with my BF, we will have to sort out a babysitter as I must see it.

It has really inspired me and everyone else it seem's, I have a teapot handbag but I don't think most people will be trying that ..............which is good make's me unique again phew. If I did have money to burn I would be buying a monochrome blazer and a lace dress in white, A/wear has a really great selection at so have a look.

Had to show you this dress by, it is the fabric fashion dream's are made of and it's £75:00 so it is a must have and, if I had some money left from my crazy Ebay spree, than I would be happy to eat bake bean's for the month to have it.


  1. beautiful outfit looks great
    how was your Sunday

  2. my sunday is really great

    oh are u working in soap company that's good news, do u like that job ,

    how was ur monday ,
    my moday was so busy


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