Rose Print

So this is my Topshop dress that I got off Ebay I had my eye on it when it came out last year, but I was still pregnant at the time and my bump was just too big to get this little number over it. I love the print it remind;s me of the Louis Vuitton print when he and Marc Jacobs got together and produced that amazing graphic almost pixie like rose print. I think I would rock it for now in tight's than in summer brave it and show some long. In the word's of Carrie Bradshaw ' Me likey' .......

Images: Louis Vuitton Rose print

So today has been a mad one
I will try and post something on sunday, but it is so cold here at the moment I may just stay in jammie's (yes very stylish I hear you say) anyway Hopful I will beable to head out in some of my other new thing's.

Thing's I would like to do next week ...........
* See my friend Rosie and go for a coffee.
* Enjoy my Friday night out with Lori and co as I don't get  night's out that much.
* Feed Corben some new food's as he has started weaning.
* Get all my winter stuff out the wardrobe and in draws and get my spring stuff in.
* Make something ....anything ...
* Call my friend's Kat and Con.
* Take a good long break from Ebay.
* Give my boyfriend more kisses and cuddle's.
* And something I alway's try and do .......enjoy each day.

Hhhhmmm I must go through my makeup, it's time to fresh everything up and ditch stuff I will never wear again because spring almost here and everything is still abit messy.

I have been reading this book and it is not only funny but it has so many great idea's, that I think I may make something from it next week. Maybe some cake's or something yummy it will get me in practise for the cake party I am attending later this month. Can't bring half burn cake's I don't think people would eat them not too be rude it's more than likey that someone will say 'yeah ....em well they are abit shit so I will give them a miss', see I don't cook because I suck at it. It really is not my thing I wish I could, most of my friend's are great cook's but not me. Well maybe this time round, may try and pick up some tip's at the party.


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  2. thank you hunni, but I don't understand, thank you anyway hunni xxx


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