A Little Bit Brighton

So it has been mad trying to get everything I need for the baby, who should be joining us in two months. I am ready to pop at 7 months anyway so apart from buying my all new fab post pregnancy, I left London for Brighton to spend same time with my BF and the bump. I was really shocked when my fab BF got me this cowboy hat, not only does it go with everything but it is really comfortable was so impressed with him. He got it on one of the stall's along the sea front. So we had such a great time the weather was amazing, plus it kept me out of shoe shops -not good have purchased way too many pairs, will post them promise.

So when we got back I was really down, it was raining in London and what with trying to sort all the babies stuff I just felt really stressed. So me and the BF decided to get a DVD and snuggle, and what a good choice 'Confessions Of A Shopaholic'. Not only could I relate to Becky (the Shopaholic in question), but me and my BF laughed the whole way through. It's a great feel good film and did make me sit back and question my relationship with shopping, plus now I will have a little one I feel I have to slow it down. Oh plus there are gonna be some great events happening, word on the street is that Christopher Kane's new hot collection is hitting Topshop in October ( elbow's at the ready) and more will keep you posted.

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