Wash Me Ashore

River Island A/W 09....... eat your heart out Lady Gaga, I have to say they have some great new talent in the company as River Island has gone from a club wear (up scale chav) vibe to sliding off the catwalks of Paris (well okay not Paris, but you see where I am going). With the structured shoulder being a key A/W must, I am looking forward to theses gems being part of my wardrobe. 

There price points are always great, I mean I would love to buy a real Balmain dress, but with a £8,000 price tag I can't see it happening. The French fashion label Balmain is favoured by a host of celebrities including Victoria Beckham, Beyonce, Gwyneth Paltrow, Rihanna and not forgetting Kate moss in that silver dress. I'm not sure when the collection will arrive, but I will be checking there website daily.

                                               Top images River Island A/W 09 collection
                               Bottom images Kate Moss in Balmain dress

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