Matthew Williamson Take Two For H&M

So this time I managed to get my hands on some of the collection (Summer/Beach wear) which is now in store. I picked up two top's and a pair of fab over sized sunglasses, which were my best buy at just £19.99. They have a tropical print on the frame and MW on the side, because I am getting bigger everyday (5 months pregnant) they are perfect because I can wear them now. I love this feather print vest (that also comes in green) it was £14:99 and will dress up a pair of leggings nicely. Plus my friend got me this fab wrap from a trip to Egypt, which is perfect for adding abit of flash colour to any summer outfit.

I also picked up some H&M shoes that are just too cute for words ( You will see them soon I promise), plus was given a great new bag from Topshop that is sure a quirky shape and in snake skin. I will post them soon too I promise, the bag will be great for carrying all of my new son to be stuff in (plus I can still look fab). Every new mum need's a uber huge bag, but big should still be cool and egdey with so much choice their is no excuss. So if you can get to H&M I would do it fast, it's worth it no having to eat baked beans for weeks at there prices how could you not.

Top Matthew Williamson for H&M, Scarf present


  1. Man you are totally rocking that top!! How come I didn't come across that when I was in H&M in tokyo... I love how you paired it with the red scarf. Great contrast. Those shades are wicked cool too!

  2. you look stunning. I love the glasses. Cant wait for the jimmy choo collection!


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