Barbara Hulanicki For Topshop

Hulanicki is one of the most iconic figures of British fashion, and that's why you should go grab a piece. She began her carrer in fashion in the early 1960's working as a freelance fashion illustrator covering all the important fashion collections for the major publications of the day, including women's wear daily and British Vogue. It was in 1964 in partnership with her husband, she founded Biba. To cut to the chase, she is back for the next fashion generation. As you know I am pregnant, but I had to have a piece I went for this great oversized T-shirt which go's with everything. It was only £20:00 pounds.

I think it was the best choice I don't have to wait to wear it and I will be belting it after I have had bub. It go's perfectly with my new H&M bag which everyone has been after, it was only £12:99 so it was a must have.


  1. I wish we have H&M here! The bag is def a must have!

  2. Amazing t-shirt I've been seeing it aroound a lot lately I can understand all the hype. It's such a great shirt.

    KISS, China L.


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