The Bands

The Bands were pretty good they were all very different, which was refreshing to see and took you into different moods over the evening. You get use to seeing the same thing over and over again, but this lot kept me on my toes. You had Pete and the Pirates, Screaming Tea Party and Your Twenties and Lisbonne . The evening knicked off with more of a mellow vibe, with a rock (pixie style) vibe in the middle, before finishing on almost a 80's duran duran.

But I would say check them all out. I loved and even better they are on here :) New blogspot
“A three headed beast of energy, their live shows are chaos and beauty. THE INDEPENDENT
They are so electric, pumping the room full of energy. I loved them so much I have to see them at The Rhythm Factory on the 12th of May.

Lisbonne were amazing and I am hooked on Marie M silky voice. Lisbonne is the musical alias of singer/songwriter marie m, a french girl exiled in London, who when not on tour with her band Monade, writes dreamy pop songs in her bedroom. The perfect soundtrack for sunny afternoons laying in the sun. Check them out , my fava track is Wild At Heart.

I went for a Debbie Harry vibe in dress, I hadn't been to a gig in forever so wanted to be comfortable but cool. Check me out


  1. Woah totally wicked eyeshadow!! I'm loving your necklace XD

  2. wooohhhhh fantastic eyeshadow!!! i could never do that. haha. you look awesome :D

  3. Oh thank you, necklace is from H&M, it was only £5:99. Trust me the makeup is easy, just put it on with my finger, than eyeliner over the top. thank you gal's. xxx

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