You Come First


Coat and boots: Primark
Snood: ASOS
Skirt and top: Miss Selfridges
(I look a tad mad, but it was pouring)

So I'm cheating this is an outfit from a while ago, but it's only because my little one Corbie is so ill. I cancelled my invite for the blog event (so gutted but he comes first), and put a side everything for now, he has been throwing up like mad. So as any good parent I'm putting him above everything at the moment, everyone is in bed but I can't sleep so I thought I would just let you know whats going on. Once he is back to himself and running around with my half ripped Elle magazine, trying to call people on my iPhone and drawing on my shoes as any 16 month old boy does, I will have loads of cool stuff on here.

I'm looking forward to wearing nice clothing again (not much point at the moment), and taking him out and knowing that if he cries it's because of something silly not because his in pain. Anyway this outfit is a little mad it was raining so hard and I had no hood, so used my snood to try and keep a little dry (yes I look like a crazy bag lady... where's my shopping caret). I love this skirt it's such a cool knit and keeps my bum toast (yeah super classy), I'm looking forward to wearing it with heaps more. So I hope you are all well and I will be blogging this week, but I will have to see how Corben is, I do have a lot to share so stay tuned and I'll be back in no time. I bet you won't even notice me gone. 



  1. Hey! New follower. I love that outfit!! I'm sorry about your son. :(


  2. Aww poor baby. Its so hard when kids that young are sick. They have no idea what is going on. Its scary for them!
    I really hope he feels better soon.
    I just posted a new makeup competition. It runs for 3 weeks so I hope when Corbie is feeling better you will take part.

  3. that skirt is great! fantastic colours!
    hope corben gets better soon :(

  4. Great skirt!! Hope your son is better soon!

  5. cute post!!!
    your style is great!
    xoxo =D

  6. I LOVE your skirt. I really, really do hope Corben feels better soon :( x

  7. love the whole outfit. Very easy going and fashionable.


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