Next A/W 2018

Yes Autumn is here and I'm sorry but I'm not sorry. I need layers, I need fluffy cosy and hug inducing layers. Yes I probably will miss the odd warm day, but this season means cosying up, hot drinks, walks in the park through a million leaves. It's a bit more magic, dark nights aside. I've been clearing out a lot of my old tired things, as it's time to give everything a little refresh. A little wardrobe update, or adding some cute things to your home. Next have a great collection this season, and while everything isn't to my taste as always I've picked out my favourite bits to share and inspire you this Autumn winter. 

Give Me All The Stripes

It's no secret that I love a stripe and stripes, I think when your as rainbow obsessed as I am stripes just work. Next have so many great jumpers, including a bunch of gorgeous fluffy knits that come in an array of stripes. If stripes aren't your thing there are plenty of colourful knits in different patterns. Jumpers are such a easy thing to style and honestly are a must have in any wardrobe. As if you don't want to wear a massive coat, when the chill starts to set in  they are practical. I think this winter I'm going to invest in a cute belt, so I can slouch my jumper into my jeans and wear them as I think it's such a cute look.  Also can be just take a minute for those glitter boots. While I do like a comfortable pair of trainers, I always feel more put together when i wear boots.  I was really into them last autumn winter, and I think I will be buying a few more to spice up my wardrobe. 

Clueless Vibes

So Cher and Dionne are now women, Dionne is a mum of two and runs her designer hat business. While Cher decided kids weren't for her,  and took her wardrobe matching gadget to the next level and made a app that can organise and style your wardrobe on demand. They may have grown up, but they still love their fashion and I think may be unknowingly Next have designed their grown up wardrobes, a little check a little tartan cute tops to pair with their work skirts but still a little sassy. I love the shoe collection and I think the strappy sandals scream Cher, while Dionne would go for the faux croc. But seriously these were some of my favourite pieces, and were really well priced.  

Dreamy Home ware

They had such gorgeous home ware, like I said I'm clearing out my home stuff and just want some pieces to update my space without filling it back up with too much. I love all the glassware it had a great rustic Tuscan vibes, with lots of reds and mustard's. I don't need any throws this year, but I honestly saw about five that I'm considering getting. Lots of wall hangings, and I adore their round mirrors still a massive trend but one that I never get bored of seeing. They had a green sofa that was just dreamy, and if I hadn't bought one not long ago i think I'd be nagging Baz that we had to get it. If your after simple updates, they have a bunch of cute pillows and designer style lighting that can really transform your space. 

Brands at Next 

Last but not least, Next have taken on even more brands which I think is amazing. It means rather then having to log in and out of different site, pay for deliver to three or four different people. You can order it all in one place. They had a bunch of sports wear in bright colours which natural I homed in on. Like and orange Hugo boss sweater and a Nike t-shirt that had gold holographic writing. Of course I find some rainbow, and I'm now lusting over this Madeleine Thomspon rainbow roll neck that was such good quality. I held it for a while, before remembering other people would probably like photos of it too. 

So I hope you have enjoyed seeing what Next have to offer this season, I've already added a couple of things to my Christmas wish list.

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