D.I.Y DAY| Girls Support Girls Bag

After jazzing up some bags, for London fashion Week ages ago. I still love a good slogan  be it on a t-shirt, bag, or sticker they are fun. These bags are so easy to make even if you suck at crafts. They can new life to an old bag, and give that extra bit of sassiest to your outfit. In light of what's been going on, I wanted a Girls Support Girls bag. But honestly it's up to you, above are a couple of other suggests. I think Inclusive AF, is going to be my next choice as it's all about love for everyone am I right, or am I right. 

You Will Need:

Jazzy foam letters - I got mine from Poundland (x2) but you can pick these up everywhere look in the kids craft section of your local stores. 

Glue- I used UHU also from Poundland.

A Bag- I used my new one from Next*, but you can use any bag you like as long as it has a face surface.

15 minutes of time - Told you mega easy. 

Firstly make sure your bag is clean, this will help the glue seal better.

Next think about your slogan, and see if you have enough room on your bag. Also check that you have all the letters first, you don't want to start gluing them down to found out you have one missing. Also as someone with dyslexic, spell check just saying. 

Then arrange your letters, you can play around with positions and colours. If they have a sticky back like mine did, you can stick them and test out what looks good before the glue part.

Lastly glue them sucks on, remember to glue on the back of the letters than directly on the bag. Than leave to dry and that is it.  

Will this last forever and ever? Not forever but if you look after it, it should last you. If you do find letter come off than just make sure you have a back up. Or you can peel them off for another slogan. I always think about what fabric the bag is made from, when in doubt wood glue will pretty much stick ANYTHING. But if you use it take your time. Anyway I hope this inspires you, and if you try it hashtag #Lawdiyday so I can check yours out. I will have more super simple D.I.Ys on here soon and will share ones I've found and tried out. 

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