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My skin is usually dry anyway, but in winter it feels as if someone has tried to mummify me in my sleep. Heating, cold wind blowing like a unglamourous fan leaves my skin looking dull, spotty and red. So I've been testing out loads of products, to get back a summer glow without the cake face. I'm 33 and have dry, acne prone skin fun times right. As I have started a massive clear out of old favourites, I wanted to share my new favourites and compare them to see which are best. 

I'm a massive fan of Makeup Revolution , I'm not saying every product I've ever tried is amazing but most of the products I've used have been well worth the money. I had been looking for a new highlighter, as my local drugstore had stop stocking a Rimmel one I had been using. Which I will repurchase and share if they ever have in it again. Sometimes it's a good thing as it makes me step outside my beauty box, and give other products a chance. So I decided to give the 'Goddess of Love' Triple baked highlighter a try, as it's been out forever and it always sells out pretty quickly. 

Can we also just take a minute to appreciate the super cute packing. This is such a cute highlighter, and using the right brush gives a beautiful finish not cakey and long lasting. The highlighter has a rose gold tone, which is perfect for my pale freckly skin and leaves a subtle shimmer. If you apply too much it will look overly white toned just warning you now and not as natural glowing. So subtle blending is the way to go with this one. 

I will say PRIME, make sure if your wearing foundation or not your skin is given some moisture. I usually apply mine 30 minutes before doing my makeup. It lets your skin, soak it up properly and makes a huge difference  So when your finishing your look, dusting this bad boy glides on. It's baked it can be a little chalky, but even this doesn't put me off. I just don't apply as much as I would with others. If you don't, and you do have dry maturer skin it will look like a cakey hot mess. But every time I've used it for the last three months, I've had people say how good my skin looks. 'Goddess of' is in a series of powers by the brand, and I am temped to try the others as they come in different tones. At the same time I'm looking to scale back my makeup collection, as I feel like I don't use as as I use to. This highlighter is great for those on a budget, and even compared to a lot of others (way more expensive ones) I've used has been one I keep going back to. As it's a powder it's also long lasting, and unlike some of my liquid highlighters I've hardly had to top it up. 

It cost me a grand totally of £4.99 and you can purchase it at Superdrug. 

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  1. ah love that u have reviewed this! have been eying it up for ages and just bought it online as its sold out more a less all the time where i live! :) excited to try it now being a total highlight virgin, will take your advice and go sparingly though! x


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