Are We Lost In Likes

Of course I love social media, blogging wouldn't be what it is without it. But more and more I see people I look up too doubt themselves. Of course we are all human, and doubting yourself is a normal part of life, but when it starts to became everyone you meet. Then you yourself start questioning everything your doing, why are we all lost in likes. Is our 'like' culture killing our creativity, or is it even about creativity anymore. From what I've seen it seems that the creative pool is not as big as it once was. Not because people are lacking, far from it most have no idea how incredible inspiring they are. Some are forgetting that they set that bar. 

It's more of a case that in order to gain a mass of likes, you have to follow suit. At least you feel you have too, I'm guilty of this too. It's hard not to feel you have to do things and write things a certain way in order to be noticed. You post something you think is great, and when you see that no one cares, you feel like shaking your fist and deleting your whole account.  

But than you would have to make a speech that your leaving, before actual deleting anything, and already this is starting to seem like more effort and waste of time. So breathe and lets put the drama on hold, because your not dealing anything let's stop kidding ourselves that we can just let it go. At the same time let's really think about it, because what do 'likes' even mean, and are most even a genuine like. Yes while they do make some people money, for most they don't matter. What matters is what your doing, what your creating and what your sharing. You can't see that what you tweeted one day, made someone laugh when they felt like crying. That your outfit selfie, inspire someone to be more confident in their body. That a blog post you wrote, made someone cry because they didn't feel alone. Or that You Tube video made someone what to make something new. Just because there's no thumbs up, no star or heart it doesn't mean that your not being appreciated. 

It's hard to be different, when your being constantly passed over it does get you down. What people say they like, and what they like are massively different in social media land. Of course for some it's their living which only adds more pressure, there's an ocean of people all swimming towards the same island. Sadly not everyone is going to make it on the island, I'm mostly on a boat waving at it I've accepted that and I guess it frees me to do what I want. Say what I like, and be myself. 

So what will change, will we all get bore of the 'like' wars and start to rebel I hope so. Most have starting fighting back against the ' perfect Instagram ', people are talking more about politics on twitter and using their voices like they never have because now is not the time to be neutral. The sparkle is slowly being wiped off, and people are going back into making and doing, sharing more about their metal states and smashing the idea of this perfect social hub. Spending less time worrying about what others think, and letting their imagination flow. It's time to not just look to others, to look at what you want and what you would like to do. I'm going to start sewing more, I want to stop being so harsh on the way I look. I need to remember all the lovely things people tell me, and focus on what I enjoy. Likes are great, but there not everything, don't forget that. Don't let them stop you from being part of a community, and don't let them stop you from being who you are. 


  1. Loved this post! There are a lot of cookie cutter bloggers but you wouldn't be you without your eccentric sense of style that we love you for. x

  2. thank you lovely, and right back at you x


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