Next Christmas 2016 Press Day

Christmas this years seems to have come out of nowhere, like a beautiful jolly slap to the face. This year hasn't been the best, so when someone says 'hey want to see a new collection' I'm on it quicker than a cat on the Christmas tree. Emma and I jumped on the tube, excited to see how they were styling this seasons trends. Next have come a long way over the years, once more of a brand classic that all the cool mums shopped in. It's taking more risks when it comes to collections. While there is inspiration taking from the catwalk walks, I can't help but feel they've also been looking more at street style and how over the years their customers are wanting a bit more sass in their lives. 

I was most impressed by a pair of zebra print ankle boots, so much so I forgot to take photos of the other footwear gracing us later this December. From 90s skater kids, longing for 70s road trips to embroider biker chic with glitter cameo sweaters. They are reaching out to young and mature women, you don't have to be fashion forward or into trend but it's about playing it safe anymore. They was plenty of cool pieces, I could see myself throwing on to do the school run or going for a coffee out. A real mix of ultra causal shirts and jumpers, than really sleek structured coats. Next knows that while tailored is great, people are more relaxed and a lot want a more fashion look than classic. Accessorises were super cute, backpacks are the way to go. 

The home ware collection was just as perfect, their was a yellow theme for the bedroom and a country farmhouse feel to their dinnerware. Rose gold tea towels anyone. Over all I was really impressed, and literally counting down the days till it's all in store. You can watch my live Periscope - Add me @Law1sfab from the day where I try to feature as much as possible.

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