How I Wear: Zebra Print

As you know I love a print, but sometimes I feel clueless of how I want to wear it. What I see in my head working, doesn't always happen in reality. But over the years I've worked out where I like to wear print, and what doesn't work on me. I've always loved a bit of zebra print, and after seeing some of my favourite bloggers rocking it I felt it was time to put aside my doubts and get it on my body.  I was thinking about getting a coat, but thought as I've got a heap a skirt would be more practical and wearable. 

Coat: Charity shop
Faux fur collar: Select Fashion
Crochet top: Made by me 'lazy days tank via Mollies Makes
Boots: Primark (old)
Polo-neck: Primark
Smiley bag: Aliexpress

I found this vintage one off Ebay a couple of months back, put it aside and forgot I had it. But as I went on another massive cull of my wardrobe I found it at the back. I've been looking at so much rave wear lately, and I think it's defiantly influencing what I want to wear. So anything flame like and Acid looking is going straight on my body, the good part of the 90s. I can't seem to get enough of orange and yellow, so have been buying polo necks in these colours too.  Zebra print is great as it's black and white it goes with any colour, so you can really play with it. If your not feeling it for clothing, than Zebra boots are the way to go. I literally can't wait to get my hands on these boots from Next! Yes it can feel a little 'pimp' like, but hell I love it.

I think seeing the collection from Kenzo for H&M, is making me want even more print it features green and print zebra print *drool. Sadly all my money is being soaked up by Christmas presents, so I'm keeping my thrifty eye open for similar things. My crochet mess up top, which I made from a pattern 'lazy days tank' from Mollies Makes is actual becoming one of my favourites. Flawed but fabulous. I'm glad that I pushed on and finished it, and this black roll-neck from Primark is being worn to death. A great way for tricking summer tops into believing that they are winter tops, as I hate having to pack everything away and it's great to get more wear from things. Of course Mr smiley bag needed to be worn for full on raver effect, plus it's big enough that I can fit life in which is always a bonus. I know it's winter but I'm all about colour, and now I'm all about Zebra print. Would you ever wear it? 

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  1. omg! love this outfit! i'm also wearing Zebra print today too, but am looking for other ways to wear it! :)


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