How I Wear: Summer Knits

Yes it's hot, but that's not to say you can't wear a summer knit. As you know I love crochet, so for me it's just making sure they are light knits. Plus with a simple cardigan you can take it off, if you start feeling overly sweaty. I tend to wear them on days were it's a little more breeze. I love the mix of texture, colour and pattern so I say keep them bold.

I won this cardigan off EBay ages ago, hang it in my wardrobe and forgot about it. But as a reformed hoarder I'm trying my best to clear out as much as I can. Things seem to hinder my life, more than fill me with joy. I'm trying to find the balance in having a wardrobe full of choice, without it taking over every space available. So I told myself either wear it, or it has to go. I'm really glad I stopped overthinking it, and just put it on my back. 

Crochet Pink Top: Toyshop via Depop
Jeans: charity shop, handprinted by me.
Shoes: D.I.Y by me
Bag: Old

Sometimes you can build things up, and think to yourself but what if it doesn't go and maybe if it was this or that the if and buts became endless. This is an excuse I've often used to than go out and buy shiny new things, in an attempt to feel like I'm wearing what I have. In the end my pocket is lighter, my wardrobe is bursting and I still end up wearing nothing. All the things that were once 'current' have been and gone, and I end up feeling like why bother give me a onesie because I'm over it. Of course I tend to overthink more than most, my body dysmorphia leaves me feeling mental exhausted about getting dressed more often than not. I've struggled a lot lately, but trying not to let it rule me. So I was going to change this outfit, and I almost did but I decided that it doesn't matter.   

I'm trying to change how I shop more I guess too, I love Ebay but I'm limiting myself more now. The same with charity shopping, I'm looking at what I really wear and seeing how I can add to those items. This whole outfit is pretty cool, as it's made up of stuff I've had or thrifted. The pink crochet Toyshop top I purchased via Depop. The jeans are ones from the charity shop that I painted, and I've had this Power puff girl lunch bag for almost two decades. My shoes are ones that I sprayed and my eyeball ring was part of a pack I got for the boys. I'm off on a short break soon, so trying to sort a couple of summer knits to throw in, just to make sure I have a mix of sun vs rain as the U.K weather has been all over the shop. Do you like summer knits, or do you tend to avoid them? 


  1. Taking the same strategy as you - I feel overwhelmed by clothes and never have anything to wear. Time for a wardrobe overhaul. Saw this pic on fb, you look fab, you wear colour like no-one else! X

  2. I was nodding along with so many of your words! I'm also trying to keep things I truly love, but I'm always in search of that one piece that will make an outfit perfect. Im always searching charity shops wayyy too much and in a constant cycle of clearing out and buying more. It's exhausting! I adore the colour in your outfit and how you've pieced it together so creatively! X

  3. "Summer knits" seem like such a British thing now I think about it, only here could it be so cold even during the warmer months that you need to bundle up haha

    This outfit is amazing though, I love the jeans especially :D



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