D.I.Y Day| Off The Shoulder Top

Fabric: EBay

So I finally braved using, my candy jar fabric and made something. For my first attempt at the off the shoulder top, I actual loved how this DIY turned out. Of course the off the shoulder look has been and continued to be a massive trend, one that I've actual adored. I  saw a couple that I loved but they were just way out of my budget. 

So this was a great way to brush up on my sewing skills, plus I made it for under £15. The great thing is once you have made one, you can make a bunch as it's super simple. Sadly I can't take credit for this genius how to, as that would go to one of my favourite You Tube duo The Sorry Girls. They have a bunch of how to videos, and are worth watching. So if you want to make your own off the shoulder top, than the video with everything you need is here. They explain it so well, and go slowly so don't panic if your a beginner sewer this is thee perfect project for you. They also have one from an up cycled shirt, if you want to do as little sewing as possible. 

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