The LDD: Little Denim Dress

It's been a game of tights/no tights in London this week. It's cold and grey in the morning, than the sun decides to cook you by the afternoon. It's been a nightmare, to the point were I've now given up and I'm sticking with jeans and a layered top and sweater to deal with it. The other day was another guessing game, which ended in me being a bit too hot but anyway. 

Denim is massive for this season, saying that I live in denim so there's no really change for me. I do want to embrace something other than my jeans, and as I now have a couple of denim jackets it seemed natural to go for some denim skirts and dresses. This dress is pretty cool it's such a great shape and so different from the others hanging in my wardrobe which tend to be more smock like. I really like the collar detail, and the fact it has pockets it's denim for grown ups - Which I like to pretend I am. 

Lip Shades: ASDA
Sliver Platforms: New Look
Striped Monochrome Top: H&M
Heart Bag: Primark 
False Nails: Poundland

One plus side of the sun coming out, is being able to wear these cool lip glasses. They are a little silly, but I couldn't resist them. I'm getting use to wearing a watch again, I'm still obsessed with the fact it's wooden - As the queen of plastic jewellery it's refreshing to wear something more organic. My phone is forever dying on me, and it's much more relaxing to know I don't have to ask a bunch of people what the time is. Speaking about time, I still can't believe it's September this year has flown by. I'm really pleased to swap out all my summer wardrobe (yes I'm weird) for autumn pieces, I do like layering and in summer it's hard to layer anything. I think what with London Fashion Week around the corner, I always reflect on what I have in my own wardrobe. I think from now on, it can be my date in my diary to purge my wardrobe twice a year of all the 'but I will wear it one day' items. 

I'm still clearing out my wardrobe (note to self you don't NEED anything), which feels great I have treated my boys to bits and bobs and slowly getting a little space in my wardrobe .. Okay so I've already filled the space ha ha. But in the new year I'm on a mission to clear more and try to get it down, I much prefer the feeling of being able to buy things because I have some space than hanging on to everything I don't wear. I know I'll be getting plenty of wear out of this dress, I love denim and it will be a great way to break away from my jeans every now and than. 


  1. Love the matching bag and sunglasses!

  2. Ah absolutely loving that dress Laura!

  3. This dress is gorgeous, very chic!

    Maria xxx


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