Finding My Dream Vintage Dress With Beyond Retro #mydreamvintagedress

If you read this post, you would know that I was asked by Beyond Retro to find my dream vintage dress at their Brick Lane store. After I tried on a bunch of different dresses, I had to narrow it down to five before deciding on the one. In the end my inner flower child was calling for something different. I don't have a lot of maxi dresses, and I fall in love with this print. It works as a summer dress but will also be perfect foe winter. It's a casual fit, so will be perfect for days out with the boys, doing the school run and easy to dress up for a night out. In short it is a dream vintage dress, it's a simple dress but  you can't go wrong with a classic style. 

Flower Crown: Claires*
Faux Snakeskin shoes: New Look
Choker: Dorothy Perkins*

I'll probably be returning to the store soon, as there were a bunch of other dresses that need to join my wardrobe. But I'm so happy that this dress is part of my wardrobe, it reminds me of clothing my mum would have worn - She was very fashion forward back in the day. I'm off on a mini break, and I'm gutted that the weather is going to be grim or I would have packed this beauty. Fingers crossed when I'm back it will be sunny enough to break it out again. 


  1. Looking gorgeous, Laura! I found my dream vintage dress in BR a few years ago and then got a mystery stain that won't shift on it. Devastated!

  2. That dress is divine they did well you look lovely xo

    I A S F

  3. You look 1000000% beautiful here Laura, what an amazing dress x

  4. :O you look beautiful. This is the perfect vintage dress for you :) I love the way it wraps up top and the sleeves.

  5. I LOVE this dress and I love Beyond Retro, if I lived closer to one, I'd be in it all the time, but the web-shop does me ok too! The dress looks dazzling on you, such a great pattern!! x


  7. You look so lovely! Love the colours x

  8. This dress is gorgeous on you, I LOVE the colours!

    Maria xxx


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