How I Wear: A Granny Square Waistcoat

Vintage Granny Square Waistcoat: EBay
Red Flared Top: River Island via chairty shop
Flares: New Look
Biker Jacket: H by Henry Holland*
Boots: River Island
Bag: old

As much as I do love the 90s, I've always been obsessed with the 70s. When skinny jeans first come into fashion, I recoiled in horror and only broke away from my flares when the hype around them had died down and actual discovered they are amazing. I was a skater for a while (not a good one at all), and wore massive flares and skater jeans. So naturally liked 70s disco and loved Joan Jett and Mark Bolan from T-rex. I can remember the 70s was very trendy back in the early 90s, as I can recall even my non alternative friends had wore flares with slogan tight little tops. In our minds we were rock stars, in reality we looked a little mad but we were happy. 

People laughed at me as I dressed the same for years, but I was comfortable. Thankful I use to size up on a lot of my jeans as I liked to wear them on my hip, so I have not had to buy any. I have spied some amazing flares on ASOS, that I think I may have to get that bring a tear to my eye for being so perfect. I was so happy to spot this granny square waistcoat on eBay, if your into 70s fashion they really are a must as you can wear them over anything. I like them worn with dresses, but I decided to go for something more casual as I'm too cold to care. They are a perfect way to get a vintage inspired look instantly. What would you wear one with? 


  1. adore that waistcoat so much! i have a whole heap of ancient granny patterned waistcoats and they are so much fun to layer :) xo

  2. Amazing waistcoat! I recently picked up one in a charity shop after watching a few too many movies and seeing loads of characters wearing them. I want more now as they're so good to throw over outfits! I want your one!
    I relate to your flares situation as I dragged out some of my flares from back when I used to dress in a skater style. I say 'dress like a skater' because my skating mainly consisted of carrying around the skateboard of my boyfriend at the time (mainly to look cool to passers by - how awful - although I was fourteen so I think it can be excused haha)! I definitely think I'll be sticking with the flares as they are comfier than skinny jeans as there is less of a leg pinch when I sit down hah!

  3. I remember wearing flares religiously until 2010


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