What I Wore: My Birthday Outfit

Rose Dress: Chi Chi * / Sequin kimono: Boohoo*
Doughnut Clutch: Christmas gift from Barry (new look)
Shoes: New Look*
Fake flowers my own. 

So yesterday I turned 25! I joke. I'm actual pretty proud to say I'm 32, only because at 32 I finally feel comfortable in my own skin. I'm taking more risks with my wardrobe, and it's exciting. The less you care about impressing others, the more you wear what actual makes you feel good. Rather than wearing what you think will make you feel good, because that's what everyone wearing. So even with the awful weather over this weekend. I pulled this beauty out from my 'save for a good day' part of the rail, and grabbed my fake flowers.

Usually I would have possible left the tights, but I'm not insane. This dress is possibly the dreamiest thing in my wardrobe right now, and I'm wearing it next weekend as it's just too pretty not to wear as much as possible. Supermarket prom queen anyone. Okay, Okay so I won't be wearing it to do my daily shopping, but it's vintage style could fool you into thinking you could. I had a low key birthday the year, you can see the cake that Barry made me on Instagram, he and the boys got me a new camera which is a dream. I dyed my hair pink and we got a puppy called Rocket (not a present FYI) so a lot is changing but it's all good. 


  1. Oh my Lord! This is so glorious! Hope you had a fabulous birthday treacle!!

    The Glitter Den


  2. Hope you had a lovely birhday! I love this dress both the detail and the colour. It really suits you!

    I was 30 in October and feel that I am starting to care less about what people think plus take more care of myself as I realise I am worth taking care of! :)think the 30s decade will be a great one!!

    I love love your unique style. Always be you!! Xxx

  3. Oh, that dress is SO beautiful. I hope you had a wonderful birthday, chick. x

  4. You should have kept quiet, you can totally pass for 25! Love this outfit lady! xx

  5. You look lovely and your new hair is awesome! Happy birthday for yesterday :)
    Can't wait to see photos of Rocket on here too!
    emmerliejay x

  6. Happy Birthday! Love this dress, it's so pretty! x

  7. Happy birthday, you're such a perfect punky princess! 💜💕 x

  8. Happy Birthday!! This dress is stunning on you, looks so amazing with your hair!


  9. Happy belated birthday, your hair is gorgeous and I LOVE that dress on you.

    Maria xxx

  10. I don't say this enough but you are inspirational to me, Law! I am turning 30 next month and I still don't feel comfortable in my own skin. I once got told that I dress too young, and now I feel like I should "dress my age" even though I have no idea what that conforms to. You inspire me to be who I want to be, and dress in whatever the hell I want to. Happy belated birthday, you look so pretty in pink! Here's to our 30's! xxxx

  11. Such a stunning dress! I hope you had a lovely birthday x

  12. You are stunning, I am in awe of your beauty :D


  13. Happy Birthday!!! You look stunning! <3



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