That 70s Show

Bubble shirt: Mango
Denim Pinny: Primark*
Faux Fur Collar: Select Fashion
Powderpuff Girl Bag: Old

Some of you may remember the program 'That 70s show', not only is it how Mila Kunus, Lauren Prepon and Ashton Kutcher came into our lives. More importantly there were some seriously stylish threads being worn. My love of the 70s goes beyond clothing, the music and deco at the time are very me more is more and bold colours and prints were a must. It's a massive trend this season (that's handy for me) I'll be showing you how I wear the trend in a modern way over a couple of outfit posts. As there is a fine line between fancy dress and nailing the trend, saying that the fancy dress road is so much more fun but you know what I mean. 

So grab some denim from your wardrobe, and make sure it's more washed out. Be it jeans (remember keep them flared), a maxi skirt or like me a dress/pinafore. Denim this season is also massive, frayed edges are a mini trend so if you can't afford to buy new jeans you could just trim the ends off your current ones. Than mix in a printed shirt or skirt, if your not into platforms than you can always go for shoes or boots with a chunky heel. I love these dolly shoes, and as they are shiny they have that retro school look. Be bold but you can still keep the look clean, I get me without a bit of faux fur so I kept it all in the same shades blue and pink. Mustard and burnt orange are also great 70s colours if you don't like to be to out there. I tend to mix a little 90s style in, as a lot of 70s fashion was very in around the early mid 90s. Will you be getting into the 70s vibes this season? Or is this an era you would rather avoid, I'd love to hear what you think.


  1. you are just so fabulous! Love that bag - I was always Bubbles. x

  2. Ohhhhhh my goodness, I need this bag in my life. Love everything about this outfit!!

  3. Oh wow, I love that coat.

  4. I spent a full afternoon over the weekend watching 'That 70s show', it is constantly being played in our house. You look lovely, magical even. x


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