Valentines With ChattyFeet

Socks: ChattyFeet Sandy & Danny*

As it's less summer loving and more 'oh my god my toes are going to fall off from the cold', I was more than delighted to see that ChattyFeet have brought out some new designs. Tell me more, tell me more .... Okay I promise that's the last of the cheese. So let's talk Sandy and Danny, like all of there socks you can get them for any little people in your life to. I love the quality of these socks, they are really soft and even after benign washed they don't tighten and never get that cupboard feel that I've found with most of my pairs. 

More importantly how cute are there faces, I love Sandy's glasses and 60s style hair. Danny is looking dapper with his tie and tash, if I'm honest I think that they are less Grease and more Pulp Fiction. I say this as I still think it's thee coolest film, where as I found grease cheesy but still enjoyable. I like that the socks have a nice length to them, Barry my other half has long legs and I think a lot of people must have the same problem that the some socks don't give a little extra in the ankle these do. I really love the whole socks and shoes combo, I love that when I wear my leopard print heels you can see Sandy's glasses. If you fancy winning a pair (who wouldn't) Chattyfeet are having a valentines giveaway on the 1st February  so stay tuned.


  1. Aaah I'm a sucker for novelty socks.. love these!

    Hunter //


  2. Gurl, I love your hair colour


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