How I Wear: A Bobble Hat

Bobble Hat: Primark mens
Powderpuff Girl Crop Top: Primark
Biker Jacket: H by Henry Holland*
Denim Dress: Primark*

The other day when it didn't feel like living in an ice cube, I managed to ditch my cardigan for the first time in days. It was still chilly so I went to put on my favourite bobble hat, but I could not find it. It seems whenever I need something, my brain decides that actual I'd rather you remember and find that other thing that went missing last month. Thankful my other half has a massive collection of beanies, so I 'borrowed' this one, I bought it for him so I think that gives me a free pass to it ... right ..Okay maybe not. Bobble hats seem like a real simple thing to style, but there is a fine line between  effortless cool and well looking like you got lost at the end of a festival. My solution is the biker jacket, it's the right amount of cool without being to try hard by the way I do have to make effort, I'm not blessed with this I roll out of bed like this look. 

But yes this is my style solution for rocking a bobble hat, also colour remember red and white may seem cool but so did where's Wally. Unless Wally is what you were going for, than don't forget that matching red jumper - Hiker chic darling. I know, I know this denim dress is sewn to me but it's so easy and comfortable to wear. What's your style solution for rocking a bobble hat? 


  1. It happens to me..always! when I think to something I already know that it's lost somewhere!
    Bonjourchiara Facebook Page

  2. gotta love the powerpuff girls! - great post!

  3. I absolutely adore this outfit! I'm really loving pinafores at the moment and this looks great with your awesome tshirt! I need those shoes too ♥ ♥

    Sophie Elizabeth

  4. love love love this outfit. The tee is fab. I always look ridiculous in bobble hats.

  5. Aaaagh this outfit is so adorable, I love it so much!!! Your hair totally makes it too.

    Hunter //


  6. i love this outfit.


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